How Gopher Changed the Directory Business

What began as a directory, as a way to make sure New Zealand business stayed in the country, became something much more. Now with over 150 staff members, Gopher the NZ business directory company, is growing rapidly and not slowing down at all.

Taking the Initiative

It wasn’t that long ago that it looked like the directory business was pretty much done for. It had boomed before, providing a steady stream of revenue for some very large companies. But then Verizon loaded its directory business with massive debt and bailed out on it.

That might have been it for directories in a number of regions if the Gopher NZ company hadn’t come along and tried its hand at the business. In just a few short years, the company brought a massive directory to New Zealand, filling it up with tons of local small and mid-sized businesses, each craving for a piece of the online pie. Before Gopher had come along, these businesses didn’t have much luck making headway in the online marketplace against the bigger, ad-focused businesses.

But the Gopher NZ company backed these companies with some powerful search engine know-how, a little ingenuity, and a lot of aggressive marketing tactics that put local businesses at the forefront of New Zealand online searches. It’s made quite a difference in the way companies do business now. Instead of paying for massive marketing campaigns or just struggling to make ends meet, they can let the directory do the work for them. Many of the businesses that have found success through the directory are even using a free plan, making their online presence effective, yet free of charge.

Gopher Forges On

Gopher has not been a company that is content to just watch the world turn without it. The Gopher NZ company has always stayed on the cutting edge of technology and pushed the boundaries of what people expect from a directory and technology company. The most remarkable change in the company has been their growth. Over a few years, they have grown by 700%.

The company has also expanded its reach to new countries. The first of these was Indonesia, a move much maligned by a number of people. But these same people had to eat their words months later when Gopher found great success there. Even though Indonesia didn’t have the online infrastructure or credit card saturation of some other more appealing countries, the number of small and medium-sized businesses there more than made up for it.

These were companies that did not have a solid online plan or a way to be represented properly on the Internet. The Gopher NZ business directory gave them a way to do that. It’s very similar to what had happened in New Zealand years earlier when Gopher had started out. They naysayers spoke as though an online directory business was thing of the past. But Gopher coupled its directory with a bevy of online services such as SEO assistance and web design that helped companies get noticed.

How to Find a Business Coach Auckland

Companies that are looking for that extra assistance in taking their business to a new level are looking at a business coach Auckland. These coaches specialise in business, they are able to help business owners plan and achieve their goals with ease.

Though as a business owner, you don’t want to allow any stranger into your business and give them access to how your company runs, your sales and more. This is why you need to choose a business coach Auckland with care.

What to Look For

When looking for a business coach Auckland, you want to choose a professional that has proven results in the area. An inspirational leader that can help you with your strategic planning to take your business to a new level.

Who Uses A Business Coach?

Many business owners choose a business coach Auckland because they are not sure which direction to go in. These owners have invested years into building their businesses and can’t understand why the business becomes stagnant or doesn’t seem to be able to grow to the next level.

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective. Someone who understands business, dedication and focus. The company needs someone to come in with a creative idea and ensure everyone works towards a common goal.

Whether its training current staff to take on additional duties or its hiring new staff to fill a vital role, sometimes there are subtle changes that need to be made in order to achieve success.

A business coach Auckland can also be essential for business owners who have built their businesses and feel their company would not survive if they were not at the office seven days a week. These owners have compromised their home lives and feel they can’t even go away for a day or two and the company will crumble around them.

Jerome Hartigan – Proven Coach in Auckland

Jerome Hartigan was a professional athlete by the age of sixteen. This was achieved through focus and dedication which helped him achieve his dream of representing Ireland in the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

From there Jerome took what he had learned through his dedication as a professional athlete and used it to run many successful businesses for over twenty years – more details at

Today, Jerome Hartigan, uses this knowledge and expertise to help company owners achieve their goals. With a host of services from team building to coaching, Jerome uses strategic planning, focus and direction to push any business to a whole new level.

Jerome Hartigan has a proven track record in the Auckland area and is one of the most sought-after coaches for businesses in the area. Being a creative and logical thinker, Jerome is able to turn any business into a profitable one.

Companies that seem to have reached their ceiling and those that are struggling in a difficult economic climate can all reach new heights with the help of Jerome Hartigan’s coaching.

Working with business owners, training staff and ensuring everyone is working towards one common goals, this coach is pushing businesses to achieve their goals on a daily basis.